5 H1B Jobs That Pay More Than $200k

While several reports focus on the low paying H1B jobs, a lot of highly paid positions remain overlooked. The intent of the H1B visa is to supply talent to industries where it’s scarce. As a result, the average salary of all H1B jobs in 2015 was 42% higher than average household income in the US during the same year ($79,649 vs $55,775).

The H1B visa is also mainly popular in the tech industry which represents 53% of the total applications. However, H1B jobs span several other industries including biotechnology, business, health and finance. Let’s take a look at 5 jobs that pay more than $200k across all these fields.

Director at Deutsche Bank

A six-figure salary is not a surprise for somebody at the executive level in the banking sector. Directors at the Deutsche Bank in NYC can make as much as $2,500,000 with an average of $276,696.

Physician at Mayo Clinic

Any list of high-paying jobs has to include a doctor. H1B jobs are no exception. Physicians at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN  make an average of $273,410 annually with the top 25% making a salary of at least $385,000.

Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

Netflix generally doesn’t hire interns and recent graduates. So their engineering workforce is mostly senior and they pay them big bucks. H1B holders working at Netflix as Senior Software Engineers make an average of $220,539 with a maximum base salary of $375,000.

Attorney at Skadden

Attorneys, like doctors, are reputed for doing well financially. Whether on H1B or not, attorneys make some of the highest salaries out there. At Skadden law firm in particular, attorneys are paid $208,655 on average with a 22% of them hitting the $260,000 mark.

Business Assistant Professor at Harvard University

Assistant Professors’ paychecks vary a lot across universities and specialties. At Harvard University for instance, these salaries range from $76,600 for a professor of foreign languages to $209,514 for a business assistant professor. The latter can make as much as $260,150 during a full school year.